Havas Gemini is the market access center of excellence for
Havas Health and develops innovative, intelligent, and
integrated solutions to meet our clients’ unique challenges in
managed care and related health care business segments.

Market access business and
communications solutions under one roof

Passionate People
With Diverse and
Relevant Experience

Over 100 Years of Combined
Senior Executive Experience

  • Strategic consulting and value proposition development
  • Claims-based data analytics and predictive modeling
  • Disease education
  • Creative campaign development
  • Digital communications
  • Account manager training
  • Media and public relations

Previous Professional Experience

  • Pharmacy director, P&T committee
  • Manufacturer and health
    plan marketing
  • Payer, health system, and
    physician contracting
  • Payer-side disease management
  • Payer, manufacturer, and health
    system field experience
  • Medical affairs

Market Channels

  • Commercial insurance,
    Medicare, and Medicaid
  • Employers
  • PBMs/SPPs
  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Retail pharmacy
  • LTC and more

Comprehensive and
Scalable Service

Capabilities Include

  • Full continuum of work from strategy to market activation
  • The entire lifecycle of a brand from pre-launch to launch to brand maturity and patent expiration
  • Specialty and non-specialty products including primary care, chronic disease, orphan and rare conditions, as well as medical devices
  • Unbranded, branded, and “above-brand” corporate value programming
  • Business-to-business (B2B), business-to-professional (B2P), and business-to-consumer (B2C) communications

Seamless Execution

Our team-based approach and customized client service offerings make Havas Gemini
one of the most comprehensive, scalable, and resourceful agencies in the industry

Disease Benchmarks®
Data and Analytics

A proprietary claims and EHR database created and maintained through exclusive data licensing agreements with national data providers, numerous disease management companies, employers, and health plans.


Provide brand and market access teams with real-world cost and utilization insights and actionable knowledge about the disease that can be used to help develop a value proposition and support the strategic imperatives of the brand.

Create access resources and ongoing engagement platforms for account directors by providing a credible, independently-generated, patient-centric, disease-specific, real-world set of metrics that can be used by payers and integrated providers as the basis of comparison and evaluation and serve as reference points for interventions designed to improve the quality of care and reduce the per capita cost of care.

Create innovative, data-based resources and tools that help payers and integrated providers more effectively and efficiently utilize limited resources in ways that help ensure meaningful ROIs (clinical, humanistic, or financial) are produced in disease-specific populations.

95 million unique
115 health

within our Disease Benchmarks®
proprietary database